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Ravindra Tripathi
Oracle e-Business Suite Techno-Functional/Web Service Integration Analyst
(OM, WSH, AR, AP, GL, PO, INV, BOM, WIP, Installed Base, Service Contract, Service Request, Oracle Alert, XML Gateway, Web ADI)

1. Oracle e-Business Suite Administration
1.1. Custom Application Development/setup
1.2. Custom Menu setup
1.3. Custom Profile setup
1.4. Custom Responsibility setup
1.5. DFF setup
1.6. Value Set setup
1.7. Function/Form Registration
1.8. Document setup
1.9. Attachment setup
1.10. Form/OAF personalization
1.11. Concurrent Program Registration
1.12. Request Set
1.13. Oracle Alert
1.14. XML Gateway
1.15. Printer setup
1.16. Message setup
1.17. Service Contract Daily Revenue Recognition setup
1.18. Multi-Service Inventory Organization Setup
1.19. Custom Web ADI Setup/Integration
1.20. Moving change from Test environment to Production using FNDLOAD or Manually
1.21. Patching

2. Oracle Application custom module development/customization

2.1. Revenue Recognition Project
2.1.1. Recognizing service contract revenue
2.1.2. Creating carve-out/Pro-forma invoice/credit memo for adjustments

2.2. POS – Point of sales
2.2.1. XML/CSV Data File mapping
2.2.2. Importing CSV data file using Custom Web ADI OR XML Data Using Web services
2.2.3. Creating End Customer Information
2.2.4. Creating call-off order
2.2.5. Recognizing product revenue from invoice (FIFO method)
2.2.6. Generating COGS account and Recognizing product cogs value
2.2.7. Moving installed base assets from Distributor location to End Customer Location
2.2.8. And more…..

2.3. Service Contract Workbench
2.3.1. Customized Service contract notification
2.3.2. Service contract from CSV using Custom Web ADI
2.3.3. Service contract from xml using Web Service
2.3.4. Bulk update/Renew with auto Cascading and auto QA check
2.3.5. Bulk copy, Delete option
2.3.6. Drill-down capability
2.3.7. Auto Service upgrade/Replacement based upon service upgrade/Replacement mapping
2.3.8. Auto Generate service contract PDF file and send to End customer/Reseller/Distributor
2.3.9. Export service contract data
2.3.10. Quick price adjustment/discount/surcharge removal
2.3.11. Quick Product ownership change without service contract termination
2.3.12. Web ADI Integration…..

3. Oracle Form/Report/OAF Development/Customization.
4. Oracle BI/Discoverer Reporting.
5. Oracle BI/XML Publisher Reporting/Bursting.
(Report migration from oracle report to XML/BI publisher)

6. Oracle Apex application Development/Customization.
(Custom Oracle Apex application using Oracle e-Business Suite Auth-Responsibility security)

7. Oracle Workflow Development/Customization.
8. Oracle Application (FORM/OAF) Personalization.

9. Web Service (XML/SOAP) Integration

a) Oracle E-Business Suite – Salesforce.com
i) Real-time salesforce.com data in oracle
ii) Discoverer report from salesforce.com
iii) Oracle Sales order from salesforce.com opportunity
iv) Oracle RMA order from salesforce.com case/RMA
v) Oracle Product data to salesforce.com
vi) Oracle Price List data to salesforce.com
vii) Salesforce.com Customer data to Oracle
viii) Oracle Customer data to salesforce.com
ix) Oracle shipping information to salesforce.com
x) Oracle Installed Base data to salesforce.com
xi) Oracle Service Contract data with PDF attachment to salesforce.com
xii) Content/Library management from oracle to Salesforce.com (Attachment upto 10mg)
xiii) And more…

b) Oracle E-Business Suite AP/PO – Coupa
i) Oracle Items to Coupa
ii) Oracle Vendor information to Coupa
iii) Oracle GL Code Combination to Coupa
iv) Oracle Requisition from Coupa
v) Oracle Purchase Order from Coupa
vi) Oracle AP Invoice from Coupa
vii) Oracle AP Invoice payment to Coupa

c) Oracle E-Business Suite OM/Shipping – Kewill Export Compliance
i) Real-time Export Compliance screening from order management
ii) Preventing order booking and apply Export Compliance hold for denial party
iii) Real-time Export Compliance screening from shipping
iv) Internal email notification

d) Oracle E-Business Suite (Shipping) – DHL Shipping/UPS Shipping
i) Real-time address validation
ii) Auto shipment

e) Oracle E-Business Suite (GL) – Concur Expense
i) Auto Import Concur SAE pgp data file using sftp
ii) Auto decrypt pgp data file
iii) Auto Read and import SAE data file into oracle
iv) Auto Data Validation and import data into GL Interface table
v) Auto Submit GL program to import data into GL Journal Entry tables
vi) Email notification to internal users

10. Data Import from custom/third party application.
HZ – Party/Custom Data into TCA architecture
AP – Invoice data
PO – Vendor/Supplier, Purchase Order and Requisition data
OM – Order Management Data (Orders)
AR – Transaction (Invoice/Carva-out Invoice/Credit/Debit Memo), Revenue Distribution etc.
GL – General Entry Data, Currency Conversion, Calendar etc.
INV – Item/Revision Data
BOM – Bill of Material data
CSI – Installed Base Data
OKC/OKS – Service contract data
CS – Service Request Data

11. Custom application migration from 11i (6i) to R12 (10g).


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