Oracle E-Business Suite – Zuora Integration

Many oracle E-Business Suite users asked question about Oracle-Zuora integration because they were looking some kind of pre-defined template based integration tool for Oracle-Zuora. There are many tools or middleware available in the market for integration but you will have to pay big amount for installation, development and yearly licensing.

Good News!!!

Oracle E-Business Suite users who are looking for Oracle-Zuora integration without spending big amount!!!

Now OptioConnect “Data Integration tool” supports Zuora integration. It is oracle based tool which runs under your oracle EBS (R12/11i) environment and syncs data from/To Zuora.

OptioConnect  is a consolidated connector which you can use for all supported cloud based applications.

Since OptioConnect is based upon oracle technology so you don’t need to buy any third party license or middleware. Just compile few packages/APIs, configure parameters and ready to GO.

Our team has done many integrations using oracle’s technology and finally decided to develop a common connector with “fit-for-purpose” approach based on “Enterprise Integration Patterns”.



There are many pre-define templates available in OptioConnect which you can configure according to your requirement.

You can sync all following data contents using OptioConnect.

  • Accounts
    • Create account
    • Get account
    • Get account summary
    • Update account
  • Charge Revenue Summaries
    • Get Charge Summary Details by CRS number
    • Get Charge Revenue Summary Details by Charge ID
  • Mass Updater
    • Perform Mass Action
    • Get Mass Action Result
  • Payment Methods
    • Create payment method
    • Get payment methods
    • Update payment method
    • Delete payment method
  • Revenue Events
    • Get revenue event details
    • Get revenue events for a revenue schedule
  • Revenue Items
    • Get revenue items by charge revenue summary number
    • Get revenue items by revenue event number
    • Get revenue items by revenue schedule
    • Update custom fields on revenue items by revenue event number
    • Update custom fields on revenue items by the revenue schedule number
  • Revenue Schedules
    • Create a revenue schedule on a subscription charge
    • Delete revenue schedule
    • Distribute revenue across accounting periods
    • Distribute revenue by recognition start and end dates
    • Get a revenue schedule by invoice item
    • Get a revenue schedule by invoice item adjustment
    • Get revenue schedule details
    • Get revenue schedule details of a subscription charge
    • Update revenue schedule basic information
  • Subscriptions
    • Preview subscription
    • Create subscription
    • Get subscriptions by account
    • Update subscription
    • Renew subscription
    • Cancel subscription
    • Get subscription by key
  • Summary Journal Entries
    • Create Summary Journal Entry
    • Create Journal Run
    • Get All Summary Journal Entries in a Journal Run
    • Get Journal Run
    • Get Summary Journal Entry Information
    • Update Basic Information of a Summary Journal Entry
  • Transactions
    • Get invoices
    • Get payments
    • Invoice and collect



Factors/Solutions OptioConnect


Oracle Cloud Adapter Middleware

(IBM CastIron, Dell Boomi, Informatica Cloud, Oracle SOA Gateway etc)

Licensing Fee No Yes Yes
TCO Low High High
Additional Skillset No No Yes
Scalability Medium Medium High
Complexity Low Medium High
Upgrade & Maintenance Efforts Low Low High
Multi-instance Connection Yes No No
Oracle Supportability No Yes No
Deployment Cycle Low Medium High



Q: Do I need to implement multiple connectors for, Zuora and Coupa?

Ans: No, you don’t need to implement multiple connectors. Just use Single “OptioConnect” instance, setup parameters for each connection then all set. OptioConnect has own intelligence to identify connection type based upon queue data, uses connection/data mapping  and syncs transactions accordingly.

Q: Can I use OptioConnect to push bulk data from Oracle E-Business Suite to cloud application like salesforce or Zuora?

Ans: Yes, you can. OptioConnect uses run time parameter and identify single vs bulk record transactions. If connector finds 100s or 1000s transactions in the queue then it uses bulk API and create/update 1000 or more transactions per min.

Q: Does OptioConnect supports parallel processing?

Ans: Yes, It supports parallel processing method which opens multi-threads.

Q: Can i use OptioConnect for kewill export compliance integration from Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management?

Ans: Yes, You can use OptioConnect for export compliince integration from Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management/Shipping. OptioConnect provides ‘Ready to Go” template for Kewill which you can deploy and start using it just after few mouse clicks. No need to write code or data query.

Q: Can i create AP invoice from Coupa using OptioConnect?

Ans: Yes, You can. Our team has built template for Coupa integration which you can configure for your environment. You don’t need to write SQL, XML or API call. It is already there.

Q: Do i need to buy yearly license for OptioConnect?

Ans: No, OptioConnect is  a “License Free” tool so you don’t need to buy any kind of license or third party tool. OptioConnect runs under oracle environment without any additional license or cost.

Q: Can i get Free  version of OptioConnect?

Ans: Yes, you can get evaluation version which is full version with all features and  free of cost. Contact us at using your business email address.

Q: Does OptioConnect suppot Salesforce integration?

Ans: Yes, you can use OptioConnect for Oracle E-Business Suite-Salesforce integration. It supports bi-directional data replication and data mapping. It is queue based data integration connector with lightning speed. Also you can use bulk data processing feature and sync your historical data.

Q: Any Bulk data processing limitation?

Ans: There is no limitation. You can process unlimited transactions from your oracle E-Business Suite. Please check your salesforce account limitations.



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