SFDC RMA Shipping from Oracle

How to update salesforce.com RMA shipping information from oracle?

We are using salesforec.com (SFDC) as a CRM customer support application.
Our customers open salesforce.com case for technichal support then support team creates a salesforce.com RMA for deffective products.

Now we want to automate SFDC-Oracle RMA process:
1. Create an oracle RMA order from salesforce.com
2. Update salesforce.com RMA with oracle RMA order number and send notification to Oracle RMA team
3. Update Oracle’s RMA shipping information to salesforce.com
4. Update salesforce.com RMA and Case with oracle’s RMA shipping information like shipped serial number, tracking number etc.

Yes, we can automate these activities using oracle – salesforce.com web service integration.

Step1: Import salesforce.com RMA data
Sync your locale salesforce.com data with salesforce.com live data using sales force web service API.
Once you have real-time salesforce.com data in your oracle database then look salesforce.com Case/RMA data with status “RMA Required” and custom field “Oracle_Order_Number__c” is null.
Step2: Create Oracle RMA
Now call oracle’s order API and create RMA order/Order lines with installation details (for serialized item).

Step3: Update salesforce.com RMA with oracle’s RMA order Number.
Call salesforce.com web service API and update salesforce.com RMA with oracle’s RMA order number.

Step4: Update salesforce.com RMA with shipping/return information
Call salesforce.com web service API and update salesforce.com RMA with oracle’s shipping information.


Step5: Update salesforce.com case with shipping/return status
Again call salesforce.com web service API and update salesforce.com case comments with oracle’s shipping/return information.

You can add email notification with your oracle-salesforce.com RMA sync program.

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